Are you new to selling or just ready to revamp your look? You are in the right place! When starting out getting a cohesive look isn’t always easy. I am here to help you. Let’s start by figuring out where to start!

  1. Do you have a logo?
  2. Do you have store banners?
  3. Do you have a Terms of Use for your products?
  4. Do you have information pages to let your customers know how to get ahold of you? Where to find you? How to review your products?
  5. Do you have cohesive fonts and colors through your brand?
  6. Do your covers / thumbnails match your brand?

These are all important parts of branding your business. Whether you need one or six of these things, I can help. You can do one at a time or bundle them to save money.

When branding its important to have a design you love, so when doing an entire brand its best to start out with a discovery call so that we can discuss your likes and dislikes to make your brand fit your personality, your goals, and your mission.