Product Migration

Why limit your audience to just one platform? While TeachersPayTeachers is a leading hub for educational resources, there are numerous other platforms where you can expand your reach and increase your income. As a specialist in product migration, I excel in transferring your TpT products to additional platforms, maximizing your potential for reaching new buyers.

Getting Started

My approach to product migration sets me apart. After refining my method over the past year, I’ve simplified the process. With just VA access on TpT to pull your products and access to your desired platform, we can begin. And the best part? It’s affordable – I charge only $1.50 per product transfer. Plus, at project completion, you’ll receive a comprehensive data backup in AirTable, ensuring all your images and files are preserved.

Ready to take the leap? Schedule a discovery call to discuss your needs, or book your migration today. Simply follow the instructions provided for a seamless process.

Where Can You Sell?

You might be wondering where exactly you can sell your products. Below is a list of platforms I’ve worked with (and there are even more). I’ve also included breakdowns of their selling terms to help you make informed decisions.

When selling on your personal site the only fee that you have associated with it is the credit card processing fee (and your hosting fees for the website itself)
Etsy has a few fees – The listing fee is a flat rate charge of $0.20 USD per listing. This fee is charged regardless of whether or not the item listed sells. The fee is automatically added to your payment account when you publish an item and renews every 4 months or with every sale. In addition to that fee there is a 6.5% transaction fee when an item sells.

Basic Plan – Free you get 60% commission on products sold.
Premium Plan – $60.00 per year and you get 85% commission on products sold.
The fees are straightforward. There’s no platform fee, and a charge a transaction fee of 5%, and a processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30.
Starter Package– Free with a 60% commission on sales
Pro Package – $49 per year with a commission of 80% on sales
No membership fees with an 80% commission. Some months that is increased to 85% and 90% (as a bonus)
This is a subscription site. You will receive a payout based on downloads. You do not set the price of your products.

This is a great place to list your otherwise free products to gain attraction to your brand and make extra money on your freebies.