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  • Content Calendars – The Basic Package

    $175.00 / month

    My basic package provides you with a solid foundation for your social media content. It includes images for six days a week throughout the entire month. Please note that this isn’t just six graphics per week; some days may feature carousel posts with multiple images or a continuous image created from several components. My commitment is to ensure you have all the necessary images well in advance, allowing you to pre schedule your content without any last-minute rush.

  • Content Calendars – The Content Package

    $225.00 / month

    My Content Package, I take it a step further. In addition to providing you with images, I craft engaging captions tailored to your brand’s voice and set up an Airtable database for your convenience. While you will be responsible for scheduling posts and adding hashtags, this option still allows you to plan your content for an entire month. It offers a balance between hands-on involvement and the support you need.

  • Content Calendars – The Total Package

    $275.00 / month

    My Total Package is the all-inclusive solution for your content needs. I take care of everything – from creating eye-catching images and crafting captivating captions to researching and implementing relevant hashtags. I will even handle the scheduling of your posts. Moreover, you will have access to an Airtable for review and request changes before I proceed with scheduling. This package ensures your content strategy is not only comprehensive but also executed seamlessly.

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