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I have been working on TpT so long it’s hard to remember a time when I didn’t know what I was doing but (keep this a secret) there was a time! When I first started selling I would list a product and just hope it sold. No sales, no email lists, no effort. Then one day I was shopping for my daughter and realized a ton of products had # and they were all half off! I was so excited of course I shopped a little (maybe a lot), but my brain wouldn’t stop wondering why they were all on sale. That’s when I discovered hashtag sales! I quickly jumped in. I mean I was a new seller not making much money what could it hurt!

Where let’s start with what is a hashtag sale, its a sale put together by groups of TpT sellers, sometimes you have to be a member of a membership to participate sometimes just part of a Facebook group. The point is that whoever is apart of the sale is in a special group. This helps keep the rules of the sales followed. If your not a member of the group then you don’t now what the rules are. And the rules are important.

Which brings me to my next part, hashtag sale rules. Every hashtag sale has rules like when you can list your products with the sale, how many products you can include, how to advertise or images to use and what # phrase is going to be used. It is important for the integrity of the sales to follow the rules. These rules are put into place to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to be seen.

Now back to what I said to being with I jumped into sales (all that I could find) because I didn’t think it could hurt to make a sale BUT I have learned a lot since then. When you decide that you want to participate in hashtag sales there are a few things you should keep in mind. The first being the more sales you participate in the more you train your customers to wait for those sales. This decreases your income because people don’t pay the higher price if they know you’re going to have a sale in a few days. The next thing you need to remember is that if you use the same product for every hashtag sale your sale will not be as successful, but you don’t want to offer all of your products at a discounted price either. My best suggestion is to have 3-5 products that rotate or use a product that doesn’t sell often to increase your sales on that product. 

So how often is to often? Well I personally started out doing them four to five times a month and not only was it a horrible practice for my business, it also was hard to keep up with. Now I try to stick to one hashtag sale a month. I do this to help promote a new product or a low selling one. Yes I know that some people will wait for that one hashtag sale a month but most people don’t want to wait a month to save a few dollars. I do know some that participate in larger events that happen once every three months. This will really depend on your business needs.

How do I advertise? That’s a great question there are a few options for this as well. The important thing to remember is that if everyone in the group advertises their sale then you will have a larger increase in sales. So even a little advertising goes a long way. You can advertise on any social media platform (facebook, instagram, twitter) and or you can send out an email to your email subscribers if you have any. Now some of you probably don’t have that set up yet and that is still okay, you can send a Note to Followers directly in TpT. When you do a note to followers remember you can only send one a week so make sure you make it count.

Now for those that don’t utilize any of this for your business you can still help promote the sale simply by sharing and liking social media posts by other participants in the sale! Just never give up on moving forward.

Now that all of that is said, here is how to add your product to a hashtag sale within the TpT product listing dashboard. It is important to remember to add the # phrase to the listing title AND change the discount price to the price you are promoting your products.

When you have it all ready the most important part (I always forget) is to hit update! Then when you search the hashtag phrase on TpT you will see all of the listings (including yours) in the hashtag sale.

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