Where to Sell?

Being a teacher-author used to mean creating a product and putting it on Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) to sell. In the past several years many other platforms have been started to help teacher authors sell their work as well. I encourage sellers to utilize as many platforms as they can handle. Why? That is simple, not everyone knows about TpT. When a buyer finds a marketplace that they love to use they tend to only shop on that marketplace. When you don’t diversify where you sell you potentially loose out on sales that you could have had and you potentially loose out on a lifetime customer.

I don’t want to go into details about every platform here but you can find details on them here. I have laid out the sites, membership cost (if any), and commission costs for all the sites that I have found and utilize. I am working out details with a few more and they will be listed there soon as well.

Here is a general list of marketplaces / websites that you can be selling on:

  • Teachers Pay Teachers – of course this is the #1 marketplace for sellers, it has been around the longest and used the most by teachers.
  • Etsy – Although generally speaking this is going to depend on your niche and how well you utilize keywords.
  • Made By Teachers – This one has been growing significantly over the past few years and they are working to change with the needs of sellers and buyers.
  • Amped up Learning
  • Classful
  • Create Your Own Homeschool
  • TES
  • Boom Learning / Boom Cards™ – You can sell “printies” here but this is mainly a platform for you to create digital task cards / activities and sell them. You can sell Boom Cards on other platforms with a special link.

In addition to marketplaces there are several membership sites that you can list on – I highly recommend taking the time to research how you are paid with each ones and there policies on what members can do with your products.

  • Teach Simple
  • TeacherSherpa
  • Smart Stuff Teaching (coming soon) They pay a sum up front to license your products for a selected term. You will also have a membership to the site for the duration of your contract.
  • Creative Fabrica – They give a commercial license for your products so this may be good for clip art creators and font creators but highly advise against it for anyone selling printable products – but the choice is yours.

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