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Man when I first started to create products I had a list of a million different ideas and I never seemed to accomplish anything. Then I decided one day that today was the day that I went full force into getting everything organized and creating a plan. Yes organizing digital stuff is a lot harder than cleaning out and organizing a closet but, I got it done! So here are a few tips I found that helped me drastically.

Tip #1 : Scheduling
Find a program that works for you – There are many that you can use to keep track of what needs to be done and when. Asana and Trello are the most used apps in the TpT world for this. I have used and love both. I did end up choosing Asana over Trello but it was a personal opinion. I felt it had just a little bit more as features that I could use to schedule both my personal life and work life together.

Tip #2: Organizing your Digital Products (what you sell)
If you are just beginning to sell or you are a veteran seller you should be doing this! If you have not been to this point there is a simple way to import your data to an Airtable using the Bearwood Labs TpT Product Overview tool. This will put all of your TpT data into a csv file that you can import into Airtable. Once in Airtable you will need to add some fields maybe even remove some and fill in missing data (not much). Then you can track EVERYTHING about that product.

Tip #3: Organize your Creation Tools (clipart, fonts, ect)
Let’s face it once you start creating you buy way to many different fonts, clip art, borders, ect. The main reason for this is because we can’t find what we are looking for in our purchases and then just do a search find what works and buy it. If you organize your creation tools in one place you can remember what you have, do a search to find what you have, and save money. Airtable is an amazing tool for this! And you can learn more about templates or help getting started here.

Tip #4: Backup
Although this may not truly be considered as organizing when you do get everything organized BACK IT UP!

Being a teacher-author, self-employed, business owner is FUN, sometimes stressful, and fulfilling. Being organized lowers the stress and increases the feeling of accomplishment in the end.

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